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Responsive & Responsible Architecture

Archology is an architecture firm based in Milford, Delaware
that provides a full range of design services.

Welcome to Archology Architecture and Design Services

The firm is currently licensed in Delaware and Maryland, but we enjoy the challenge of tackling any design problem, regardless of location. The firm is experienced with all sizes and types of projects from small deck and sunroom additions to custom houses to large commercial developments.

We are also committed to providing the most value and responsible design services on the market. The firm strives to stay up to date on current good building techniques, sustainable strategies, and labor saving materials. We feel it is our responsibility to provide the client with options, no matter what the style, intent, or use of the design may be. Please click on the About Us link to learn more about our firm philosophy, staff, and capabilities. We hope to be able to provide you with services to fulfill your needs. Please contact us to set up a free consultation about your design project at your convenience. We thank you for stopping by and learning about what we have to offer.

Our Name

Every site offers unique oppurtunities afforded by the mixture of built and natural features on and around a site. The goal of our firm is to mix the Architecture with the Ecology to create unique and treasured spaces that enhance the value of our client’s construction dollar. As such, our firm is named for that which we bring to the site, The Architecture, and that which we find, the Ecology.

Our History

Archology started as the dream of our founding principal Mark Redden. He surprised his parents one day when asked what he wanted to do with his life in elementary school. he responded Architect. This desire never changed again through school and his internship, he watched and learned and decided that he wanted to provide services that would understand the needs of his clients and bring them unique design solutions that maximized their happiness. His years of working as first an intern and then project manager helped to sharpen his focus on the primary cause of conflicts between owners and the architects who work for them. That issue is communication. In early 2010, he set forth to develop his own firm which brought the best in design sensibilities with the best in communication with the client so that neither side was ever surprised. Our hope is that this commitment to “No Surprise Design” allows us to grow and continue to provide services to our clients well into the future.

Our Philosophy

As a firm, we are committed to providing long-term value to our clients. What that value is will differ greatly depending upon the project. A person building their dream home may define value as the best, longest lasting, lowest maintenance materials while a developer of a strip mall may define value as maximum square footage for the least cost. It is our hope, through constant questioning and researching options, we can provide that level of value to any client.

Our Staff

Currently, our staff consists of our founding principal, Mark Redden. Mark grew up locally, in Lincoln, DE. He was awarded a B.S. from the University of Virginia in 2001, and a M.Arch in 2003 from the University of Michigan. He completed his internship and passed the Architecture Registration Exam to receive his license to practice Architecture in 2007 and is NCARB certified as well. Upon receipt of his license, he became a project manager at Moonlight Architecture where he was in charge of many residential and commercial jobs. In 2010, he left Moonlight Architecture to practice on his own and strives to provide customers with unique design solutions to all their design problems.

Archology is a full service design firm providing a full range of architectural design services as well as some graphic design and rendering services. Below is a list of common services that we can provide. Please contact us for a free consultation and we can discuss which services we can provide for your project.

  • Pre-Design

    Code Research
    Zoning Studies
    Sustainable Strategies
    Record Drawings
    Project Budgeting
    Site Analysis & Selection
    Project Scheduling
  • Design

    Schematic Design
    Construction Documents
    Structural Design
    Interior Design
    Specification Writing
    Light Studies
    Energy Models
  • Construction

    Bidding and Negotiation
    Bid Evaluation
    Construction Administration
    Sub-contractor Collaboration
    On-site Collaboration
    Construction Fee Reviews
    Project Close-out
    Operations and Management
  • Graphic

    Architectural Rendering
    Presentations (Electronic or Printed)

Welcome to a portfolio of some of our projects. We will attempt to keep this section as up to date as possible with current information regarding projects as well as initial design plans, construction photos, and completed photos. Above is a menu bar that divides our portfolio into four different types of projects. Please select the type of building you’re interested in choose from our list of projects in that category to review.



We often get asked for generic prices for our services, and our response is every project is unique. The final cost of a project’s design depends greatly on the scope of services, type of building, location, and amount of detail required. Our recommendation is to contact our office and request a free consultation where we will be happy to sit down a client in our office, at the site, or at their home, review the proposed the project, and prepare a solid proposal to do the work. We look forward to your call.

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Thank you for taking the time to contact our firm.

Office Address

Office Address


107 South Washington St. Milford, DE 19963

You can reach us by mail at that address, however, we do request that you call ahead for an appointment prior to visiting.




You can reach our office at any time by e-mail.



(302) 339-5566

Please leave a message if the line is busy or unanswered. Someone will reply as soon as possible.

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