Our Name

Every site offers unique opportunities afforded by the mixture of built and natural features. The goal of our firm is to mix the Architecture of the building with the Ecology of the natural advantages of the site to create unique and treasured spaces that enhance the value of our client’s construction dollar. As such, our firm is named for that which we bring to the site, The Architecture, and that which we find, the Ecology.

Our History

Archology started as the dream of our founding principal Mark Redden. He surprised his parents one day when asked what he wanted to do with his life in elementary school. he responded Architect. This desire never changed again through school and his internship, he watched and learned and decided that he wanted to provide services that would understand the needs of his clients and bring them unique design solutions that maximized their happiness. His years of working as first an intern and then project manager helped to sharpen his focus on the primary cause of conflicts between owners and the architects who work for them. That issue is communication. In early 2010, he set forth to develop his own firm which brought the best in design sensibilities with the best in communication with the client so that neither side was ever surprised. Our hope is that this commitment to “No Surprise Design” allows us to grow and continue to provide services to our clients well into the future.  This will help us design a better world, one building at a time.

Our Philosophy

As a firm, we are committed to providing long-term value to our clients. What that value is will differ greatly depending upon the project. A person building their dream home may define value as the best, longest lasting, lowest maintenance materials.  A developer of a speculative commercial development may define value as maximum square footage for the least cost. It is our hope, through constant questioning and researching options, we can provide value as defined by the client to any client.

Our Staff

Founding principal, Mark Redden. Mark grew up locally, in Lincoln, Delaware. He was awarded a B.S. from the University of Virginia in 2001.  He received a M.Arch in 2003 from the University of Michigan. After completing his internship and passing the Architecture Registration Exam,  he received his license to practice Architecture in Delaware 2007 and NCARB certification. He is also now licensed in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  Upon receipt of his license, he became a project manager.  He became responsible for the successful completion of many residential and commercial projects. In 2010, he left to practice on his own.  He now strives to provide customers with unique design solutions to all their design problems.

Partner, Lang Redden.  Lang Redden graduated from Milford High School and attended classes at Delaware Technical and Community College earning an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  She joined the firm in 2011 part time and eventually joined up full time.  Her responsibilities include managing projects and most of the behind the scenes office work that keeps us running smoothly.

Project Manager, Rachel Loper graduated from Milford High School.  She earned a an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design from Delaware Technical and Community College.  She joined the firm in 2017, starting with simple drafting and now is responsible for running some projects.