Sheppard Johnson

Shepard Johnson Residence

This was a craftsman renovation project we completed very early in our tenure. It was a small 3-bedroom beach home. The owners wanted to upgrade by opening up the floor plan, providing new utility spaces, and increasing the curb appeal. We assisted in the first goal by removing several load bearing walls to create a flowing space. The contractor installed a new kitchen utilizing the island to anchor new structural posts provide support to the new beams.

For the second goal, we created a new addition to the side to house the new laundry room, mechanical space and some additional living space. These new rooms helped balance the house. This assisted with our final goal which was where the craftsman renovation really came into focus. We created a new front porch with craftsman style tapered half columns that helped to dress up the front of the home. It also provided a great location to enjoy the large lot and the residential scale street activity. This screened porch kept out the insect activity common to our local beaches. The curb appeal upgrade was so successful, it led to another project nearby when a homeowner approached the contractor about adding a similar porch to his home.