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Kacmarik Deck Addition

This deck addition was a deceptively complex job. The client had a home with a view of the ocean. However, the home itself was a bit substandard in it’s construction. This ended up being a large factor in our design to limit the additional load on the house. In addition, he wished for his new deck with a view to be over his parking area but to not disturb it. Decks have the highest structural loading requirements and the requested spans were quite large. We ended up working with engineers to design a custom structural solution.

What we came up with was a series of large brackets and custom steel connections. The one advantage of setting the deck so high was that the brackets could maintain a decent angle so as to not overload the wood pilings we based our design around. During construction, we received a call from the contractor concerned about the bounce in the deck. That had been our number one fear as well. Luckily, we asked a helpful question, had he installed the braces yet. When he answered no, we told him to call us back when he had. Once those braces were installed, the entire deck was solid. The client’s challenging program for this deck addition was covered in full.