Cripple Creek Screened Porch

This screened porch was a simple addition executed masterfully by the contractor. The program was simple. The client wanted a large screened porch that would allow them to expand their living space outside during nice weather. Insects can be a real problem in this area, so a screened porch is nearly a must have accessory to a home. Their house backed up to some woods and this space had some lovely views.

This porch had to match the existing double height interior living space adjacent to it. This allows the space to flow freely between the living and the outdoors. We accomplished this with extra wide columns supporting an exposed ceiling structure. Our team wrapped each column with cedar trim to match existing detailing and provide the heft for the required height. The arched beam mirrors detailing on the front porch as well.

This project is a fine example of how good execution is often more important that the design as the detailing makes this project. Simple expectations allowed for a final project that flourished.