The Vestigial Organs of Modern Houses

Looking to save some money on your house but still want it to be a well crafted and detailed home? Try eliminating square footage from the least useful rooms. Don’t spend money building rooms that get used twice a year or combine functions of multiple single-use rooms into a single space. It’s always amazing to me how houses can grow during design from simple 3 bedroom places into giant palaces as owners add more space for occasional guests or formal dining rooms. It’s important to remember that when you’re designing your home, make sure you have enough supporting walls. If you’re designing your home by yourself and are unsure, you could always consult with Brisbane Scaffold Companies or whatever companies are nearest to you. A scaffolder would be an expert on how different elements support one another, and you’re very likely going to use scaffolding when you’re building your dream home anyway, so asking them for guidance is an appropriate measure.

One of the easiest ways to save money would be to discard rooms you only use once in a while. Most families don’t eat in a dining room but a few times a year, you could repurpose the family room, kitchen, breakfast nook, or other space on those occasions where you host a large family dinner. Other options are to downsize bathrooms to 3/4’s or half baths. Bathrooms are some of the most expensive rooms per square foot and having a luxurious shower no one ever uses is not exactly extracting the most value from a space.

You can also combine uses, maybe you have a living room with a couch or an office with a futon for those rare occasions you have visitors. It does decrease the comfort of opening your house to people, but depending on your needs, giving up your office for 10 days total a year may make more sense than building and heating a room that only gets used the same amount of time. There are hundreds of sites such as which give reviews on the best futon mattress’ which may increase the comfort if you do have regular visitors.

This is the use in hiring a good architect, to really look at the house you’re building and customize it to the way you want to use it. Everyone has a budget, and there are several ways to acheive it. One of the most painless can be to tweak the program and the plan to limit the amount of wasted space in your house. Some owners need these vestigial organs which date to Victorian age plans when people lived very differently than today, if they entertain a lot or have family constantly visiting and such, but many owners could save a lot of money by asking the question. The trick is hiring someone who will help you to ask the important questions about what you really need.