Isometric Sketch

Oxlaj Playhouse

This was a very simple but unique and fun little project we took on for a friend. She wanted a really cool playhouse for her elementary aged daughter so that all the kids would hang out at their place. We took this as a challenge to create something simple to build, but full of opportunity.

The first criteria was it had to be simple to build. We designed a 4 post framed system where the various parts would cantilever off of bolted connections. A simple framed box was constructed between the four posts for the playhouse. The floor cantilevered out for a “porch. On one side and the rear, swings were supported by the cantilevered beams. This allowed free play without having to worry about kids swinging into support posts. On the front, entry to the porch could be had by a set of monkey bars with an additional post to hold them up.

Unfortunately, this never ended up built, but is still a simple but unique little project that we did where we got to redefine a very simple program. The simplicity really allowed rethink what the core of a playhouse is, and how it could be done uniquely.