Adams Ocean

Deck Renovation for the Adams Ocean Front Resort

This small hotel in Dewey Beach, Delaware needed help with a deck renovation. The existing decks were very narrow. The stairs were steep, narrow, and blocked the view of the ocean; the very thing for which people had booked those rooms. To make things worse, the decks felt unstable and dangerous to walk on.

We designed new decks that maximized their depth within the setbacks and without encroaching on their parking. We provided a new accessibility ramp to the first floor rooms. This helped to expand the potential clientele as well as protected them from potential lawsuits. We relocated one of the stairs to minimize the blockage of the view. We massively upgraded the structure so that the decks, while larger, are much more stable and less worrisome. We also provided stairs that met current codes in both width and slope which will make getting up to the top floor more comfortable. It also assists the cleaning staff carrying loads of linens and cleaning products from floor to floor.

As part of the process, we created simple massing models of the deck renovation so the clients could more clearly see the effects of the different stair location options. We’ve added a gallery below so you can see what we came up with and provided to them to review. The changes between options were subtle, but made huge differences to the look and functionality of the decks.