Because Jesus Loves You Ministries Photorealistic Renderings

We completed these photorealistic renderings for a church we were assisting. Like many smaller to mid-size congregations, budget was a pressing concern, so the building itself is a relatively simple box. There is a prominent entry and a large vaulted sanctuary.

This project was on a large lot and there were plans for future expansions. Placing a non-residential building onto an empty lot requires a lot of approvals for the site work. Stormwater management, commercial entrances from the street, and parking lots all ate up a decent amount of the budget. This is especially as much of it was designed to handle the eventual complex of buildings in the future.

To assist in fundraising efforts, we did produce these images. Often, getting people to donate to a building is a lot easier if they can see what they’ll be donating for. This was one of our first projects to utilize photorealistic renderings as many of our jobs work with massing renderings. The difference is in the detail. Photorealistic renderings give you an idea of the finished materials. Massing renderings leave many of the details and finishes off. You can then concentrate on the overall shape or daylighting without being distracted or spending unnecessary time on those items.