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Visualization and Unbuilt Projects

Every firm has projects that, for reasons that range from money to misfortune, just do not get built. Being projects that never see the light of day do not make them bad, in fact, many of them are wonderful designs that had not yet had to make some of the difficult decisions reality, budgets, or construction issues force upon them. Included in this section are projects that did not get built, projects that were never to be built (typically competition submissions), and visualizations of buildings with links to their main project pages to see the final result.

Many clients are interested in seeing their buildings in full three-dimensional glory prior to the shovel hitting the dirt on their site. Often it is a good idea, especially for complexly shaped buildings where simple elevations may not be adequately describing the project. It's much cheaper to realize a roof pitch needs to be a little taller or the garage moved a foot or two during the design that during construction. If used properly, visulation of a project can increase happiness with the design, resolve outstanding issues, and save money in the long run. Another popular use of visualizations is as a fundrasing tool for buildings that will require donations, a good rendering or even a movie will bring in more money than any elevation, no matter how well done.

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