Welcome to a portfolio of some of our projects.  This is a relatively small sample that we will try to keep organically updated.  Our general response to the question of what sort of buildings do you do is to reply, anything someone needs drawings for.  In general, they range from playhouses to screened porches and sunrooms, to major additions and renovations to new homes to commercial construction of all sorts.  We’ve broken down our work into 4 basic categories for easier browsing including unbuilt or still in process work.


We often get asked for generic prices for our services, and our response is every project is unique. The final cost of a project’s design depends greatly on the scope of services, type of building, location, and amount of detail required. Our recommendation is to contact our office and request a free consultation where we will be happy to sit down a client in our office, at the site, or at their home, review the proposed the project, and prepare a solid proposal to do the work. We look forward to your call.