Final Entry

Braesch Residence Renovation

A contractor that we worked with a lot brought this renovation to us. The major goals were to increase the number of bedrooms and upgrade the entry sequence. This home did not have a back yard. There are busy streets on the front and back and had to be attractive from both. The main entry was also on the side of the house, which needed to be emphasized to limit confusion upon walking up to the home. One side faces the lake, and the other is where the parking is.

This house was heavily exposed to the elements being on the lake, and the renovation escalated as we got into the process. Every time we pulled something apart, we found rot and mold. Remediating this water intrusion became a driving force of the project. The general contractor ended up replacing a large amount of the sheathing and all of the siding. You can actually see the large amounts of mold growth in the early photos. This clued us in to look for water intrusion concerns as the siding was clearly retaining water.

We added more storage space on the first floor and more bedrooms on the second away from the lake. The design also upgraded the views of the lake by replacing the deck railings with glass rail. We massively upgraded the entry with a new entry deck, outdoor shower, and pergola. The whole house should also be more low-maintenance as the materials we put back are generally easier to maintain than the original cedar siding and wood decks and railings.